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Acceptance Testing

Acceptance and commissioning services are often required on construction projects where the highest degree of reliability is required due to the critical nature of the facility. As a NICET accredited testing company, Northern Testing Services, ensures accurate, unbiased testing and reporting to protect the owners interest.

We provide start up testing and commissioning services on new construction or newly installed equipment from power generation to transmission stations to distribution systems. 

  • Switchgear and Switchboard Assemblies

  • Transformers, Dry Type, and Liquid Filled

    Cables, Low and Medium Voltage (VLF/TD) Testing

  • Circuit Breakers, Low Medium, and High voltage

  • Protective relays, Electro mechanical, Solid state

  • Instrument Transformers

  • Metering Devices

  • Grounding Systems

  • Motor Control Centers

  • Battery Systems

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