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Maintenance Testing

Our onsite maintenance services include, Visual Inspections, mechanical verification checks, electrical testing and repair of low, medium, and  high voltage electrical apparatus. In addition to preventative maintenance, we also perform repairs, upgrades, modifications, and life extension services for your vintage but serviceable switchgear.


Not sure which equipment needs maintenance or how often? We can help you develop a maintenance program for your facility by taking into consideration your critical equipment, the facility environment and your budgetary concerns. 

  • Switchgear and Switchboard Assemblies

  • Transformers, Dry Type, and Liquid Filled

  • Cables, Low and Medium Voltage (VLF/TD) Testing

  • Circuit Breakers, Low Medium, and High voltage

  • Primary, Secondary Injection Testing Low Voltage Circuit Breakers

  • Circuit Breaker Retro Fit/Upgrades

  • Protective relays, Electro mechanical, Solid state

  • Instrument Transformers

  • Metering Devices

  • Grounding Systems

  • Motor Control Centers

  • Battery Systems

  • Thermographic Surveys

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